Exotac titanLight Refillable Water and Evaporation Proof Lighter

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Exotac titanLight Refillable Water and Evaporation Proof Lighter

The titanLIGHT™ is the first rugged, waterproof, refillable lighter on the market that uses readily available liquid fuel.  This lighter won’t leak and water is no match for it.  The o-ring seals allow for a longer interval between lighter fluid refills.  As always its construction quality is unmatched and represents what Exotac has become known for.  Made in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum, it is designed to provide reliable service for a lifetime.

High-spark flint wheel
Significantly more effective and greater reliability than piezo-based lighters
Water & Evaporation Proof
An o-ring for each cap ensures the titanLIGHT is waterproof to >1 meter and the lighter fluid won't evaporate.
Easy to Replace Flint
While holding down the flame guard, press out brass pin and remove flame guard. Watch for small parts.
Easy to Refill
Use two cap-fulls (smaller cap) of Zippo®brand lighter fluid for first fill or approx. 3mL.
Exotac titanLight Refillable Waterproof Lighter
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