ENO Single Nest Hammock-Emerald - Khaki


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Due to fabric availability, the colors might be inverted from what is pictured.  For instance, the Teal/Khaki could have either Teal or Khaki as the central color.

Your legs and compass got you there. Let us help your body rest so your mind can enjoy the long view looking back. After a few short minutes spent setting up ENO's hammock you are at rest. Nature is vast and you are in the middle of it all, rocking gently in her winds. Back to the basics: mind, body, soul, and earth. Tomorrow, your body will be granted the freedom to explore where you mind wants to take you.

The ENO's SingleNest is about the size of a softball and allows backpackers the luxury of hammock camping without the bulk and weight. Technical users appreciate the functionality and versitilty, while recreational users will enjoy the perfect nest of the single hammock. Holding up to 400 lbs, the SingleNest is any backpacker's dream.

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