Efest Purple IMR 14500 650 mAh 9.75A 3.7V Button Top Rechargeable Flashligt

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AA sized Li-ion rechargeable battery
When push comes to shove, Efest IMR 14500 batteries are the very best power sources for your vaporizer or E-cigarette devices. IMR chemistry is incredibly stable and can withstand the heavy use that comes with taking long, satisfying drags from a vape mod. Featuring 650mAh capacity, this AA sized Li-Ion battery has plenty of power to keep you vaping safely for as long as you like. With 3.7V of power, the Efest IMR 14500 has the raw energy it takes to juice up even the most demanding vape mode, and does it so reliably that it doesn't even require a PCB protection circuit!

Features and Specifications:
Model: IMR14500 V1
Rated Capacity: 650mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Max charging current: 1.4A
Discharge current: 9.75A
Diameter: 14.10mm
Length: 49.18mm

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