Efest IMR 14650 950mAh 3.7V V1 Rechargeable Battery

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Efest IMR 14650 batteries are the perfect power source for your electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and more. They feature an IMR chemistry which makes them a safer option for your devices compared to other batteries. This also means that they do not require a built-in protective circuit like ICRs do. The Efest 14650 fits easily and securely in most applications due to its flat top terminals. This is a battery you can count on for high performance, reliability and long lasting power.
Chemistry: Li-MnO2
Voltage: 3.7V
Battery size: 14650
Capacity: 950mAh
Estimated charge cycles: 300
Diameter: 0.54" (13.84mm)
Height: 2.53" (64.49mm)
Unprotected Cell
Flat Top

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