EagTac ZP10L9 Car Charger Edition Light with 5200 Lumens


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Sportac ZP10L9 Car Charger Edition Light with 5200 Lumens. The flagship ZP10L9 is the first of its kind ever built. Commanding 5200 lumen long distance LED output beam with the comfortable pistol grip. Compact body, light weight design and external battery compartment arrangement make ZP10L9 extremely versatile for long hours of usage for professionals. Output and Runtime: • Five brightness levels • Led lumen: 5200/3180/1640/420/15 • ANSI FL-1 lumen: 4500/2765/1430/365/13 • Runtime (Battery Kit): • 2/3.5/7.5/32/800 hours (9x18650) • Hidden auxiliary output: S.O.S. Dimensions: • Head Dia.3.7 inches • Grip Dia.1.2 inches • Height:7.6 inches • Weight: 1.6 pounds DC Power Supply: • 12V-24V car charger • 12V 6A AC-DC power supply What's Included: • ZP10L9C flashlight • Spare o-rings • User Manual • Mil-Spec Para-cord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip • Cable secure cap • Car charger (Coil cord cable) • Idle cable length: 2 feet/0.6 meter • Fully extended cable length: 11.5 feet/3.5 meter • Fuse protected • High current copper wire with heavy duty PU insulator • RED LED connection indicator • Waterproof connectors • Custom-made car charger metal parts for better conductivity

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