Eagletac T25C2 1 x 18650 / 2 x (R)CR123A CREE XP-L 1010 Lumen LED Flashlight -No Kit

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  • Head Dia. 1.3 inches (33 mm)
  • Body Dia. 1.0 inch (25.4 mm)
  • Length: 5.7 inches (146 mm)
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces (130 grams)


  • C3300 Extreme3
    • Synchronous buck w/ efficiency of up to 95%
    • Non-dimming constant current regulation for all output levels without flickering
    • Low dropout voltage, enable circuit to current regulate even with a single 18650 for most of the runtime at turbo output.
    • Low battery voltage warning
    • Turbo boost technology


  • Waterwhite glass lens w/ harden treatment
  • Anti-reflective (AR) coating on both side (96% transparency)


  • Tactical forward clicky switch
  • Basic
    • Turn on the light by pressing the tailcap button until it clicks.
    • Twist the head to select between three output levels.
    • To access the lowest 4th level, turn the head to 3rd level, then 2nd level, and then back to 3rd level within one second.
    • You can pre-selected output level before turning on the light.
  • Advanced
    • Cycle through auxiliary modes: tight the head (1st level), and loose the head (3rd level) and then tight the head within one second to enter auxiliary setting. Repeat to cycle through all settings. Turn off the light or loose the head to quit.
    • Switching between regular mode and tactical mode (default): Switch to 2nd output level and turn the flashlight on and off for 20 times.
    • Tail strobe feature (off by default): With this enabled, you can access strobe output at the tailcap switch button . To enable (or disable) this function (disable from factory), switch to 1st level and turn the flashlight on and off 20 times (one second or less between each click). With the tailcap strobe setting enabled, a double press of the switch button (within one second) will activate the strobe output.
    • Energy saving feature (on by default): T25C2 reduces output by 24% after 200 seconds at turbo mode. With this feature turned off, T25C2 reduces output by 8% instead. To toggle this feature, twist the head to 3rd level and turn the flashlight on and off for 20 times. Once setting has been changed, LED will output 3 seconds at 100% (enable), or 1 second at 100% (disable).


  • Stainless Steel Bezel (Removable)
  • Spare O-Rings
  • Titanium Coated Pocket Clip
  • User Manual
  • Tail-stand Rubber Boot
  • Soft Cigar Holding Grip
  • Cigar Grip Cover Ring
  • Lanyard Attachment Ring
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Holster with Self-Retention Device
  • Mil-Spec Paracord Lanyard with Quick Attachment Clip

All models

  • Base model 
    • Includes everything listed in "what's included" section above. 
  • Filter & Extended Tube Kit 
    • Includes everything in base model, plus: 
    • ET28 diffuser filter
    • ET28 yellow filter
    • ET28 red filter
    • ET28 green filter
    • ET28 blue filter 
    • 3 cells extension body tube for three CR123A/RCR123A 
    • 4 cells extension body tube for four CR123A or two 18650 li-ion

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