EagTac SX30C2 2000 Lumen Flashlight 1x18650 Battery CREE XHP 35 HI LED

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EagTac SX30C2 2000 Lumen Flashlight 1x18650 Battery CREE XHP 35 HI LED
CREE XHP35 HD E4 Cool White LED
LED lumen: 2000
ANSI FL-14 lumen: 1618
Center lux: 43,200 lux
Beam distance: 453 yards / 416 meters
W1900 Pro Circuit - XHP35
Offer current regulated MAX output with a single li-ion battery down to 3.0V (underload)
MAX output slowly reduces after 3.0V and operates until 2.65V (underload)
Built-in shut down voltage at 2.65V (underload) to prevent battery over-discharge (user may restart at lower levels)
Active thermal management feature (adjustment range 75%-100%)5
Synchronous boost controller with ultra low resistance mosfet which offers up to 95% efficiency
High switching frequency convertor for more compact circuitry design
Non-dimming constant current regulation for all output levels without flicking
Para-cord lanyard with quick attachment clip
Heavy duty nylon holster (kit only)
Waterproof IPX-8 standard
Smooth aluminum reflector
HAIII hard anodization aerospace aluminum<
Waterwhite glass lens w/ harden treatment
Anti-reflective (A.R.) coating on both side (96% transparency)
Very low standby current (negligible)
Battery level report (discharging)
A blue LED indicator under the main switch reports the estimated battery remaining capacity
Flash once: lower than 20%
Flash 3 times: 20%-50%
Flash 3 times: 50%-80%
Flash 4 times: higher than 80%

Led lumen: 2000-1350/820/355/130/17
ANSI FL-1 lumen: 1618-1120/719/299/108/14
1-1.3/2.7/7.2/22/200 hrs (1x18650) 6
0.5-0.7/1.4/3.8/12/110 hrs (2xCR123A)
2-2.8/5.7/15/47/430 hrs (2x18650)
Optional disorienting strobe output
Battery Type
1x18650 or 2xCR123A or 2x18650 (kit)2
Protection PCB trip current: 8A or higher
Compatible battery (diameter/length)
123A: (16-16.8mm/34-34.5mm)
18650: (18-18.8mm/67-68.5mm)
Operating voltage2.7V -
All batteries are connected in series. Do not exceed 8.4V.


Head Dia.: 1.9 inches (47 mm)
Body Dia.: 1 inches (25.4 mm)
Length: 5.6 inches (143 mm)1
Weight: 4.9 ounces (138 grams)
EagleTac SX30C2 2000 Lumen CREE XHP 35 HI LED--NO KIT INCLUDED
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