EagleTac SX25L3 3x 18650 / 6x CR123A 2750 Lumens CREE XHP-50 LED Flashlight

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EagleTac design this circuit to survive the toughest torture environment including: 1) repeatedly over-night burn-in test w/ minimal cooling, 2) over input voltage test of up to 20V, 3) over-driven output current test of up to 5.5A, and 4) high temperature bake test. Their experienced electronic engineers ensure all components are working at its maximum efficiency and highest stability with the optimally planned and implemented circuit pcb layout. All chosen electrical components in this circuit design have good amount of headroom to ensure high stability in long term usage.

EagleTac uses highly precise operating amplifier with very low offset voltage to control the output current. This allows SX25L3 to run for 350+ hours on its lowest brightness level and constant regulate all output levels without LED flicking. At its highest brightness output, SX25L3 runs for 2.7 hours (XM-L2) / 1.5 hour (MT-G2) using three EAGTAC 18650 3400mAh batteries with energy saving feature enabled. The circuit is also designed to handle six 3V primary CR123A batteries with the same great efficiency. EagleTac strives to offer the brightest and the most efficient flashlight in the market regardless of added cost. Professional reviewers found our lights to be one of the brightest with their integrated sphere and lux meter. They typically report up to 20%-30% more runtime than other competitors during their runtime test. They believe performance and function come before fancy appearance.

The SX25L3 comes in two favors. The base offers the same crazy output and versatile interface at unbelievable great price. The kit model's flashlight body comes with additional signal connection pre-installed for rear add-on accessories. Kit user can choose to install the included rear clicky switch tail-cap to control the flashlight at the back of the light. Kit model also come with all the extra goodies such as diffuser and color filters, front threaded head, stainless steel bezel and holster.


  • Head Diameter: 1.85 inches (47 mm)
  • Body Diameter: 1.8 inches (45.5 mm)
  • Length: 5.7 inches (144 mm)
  • Weight: 10.9 ounces (309 grams)

Output and Runtime: XHP50 J4 LED

  • Four brightness levels (Regular mode): Led lumen: 3300-2784/1344/230/38, ANSI FL-1 lumen: 2750-2320/1240/201/33, Runtime: 1.5/3.3/21/350 hours
  • ANSI FL-1 lumen: 12 * 219B: 3210-2691/1812/962/167/22
  • Runtime: 1.5/3.3/21/350 hours
  • Seven hidden auxiliary outputs: Strobe/Strobe(Var)/Flash(Hi)/S.O.S., (Fast)/S.O.S./Beacon/Flash(Lo)

Battery Type:

  • 3x18650 or 6xCR123A
  • Compatible battery (diameter/length): 123A: (16-16.8mm/34-34.5mm), 18650: (18-18.8mm/67-68.5mm)

Operating Voltage:

  • 5.4V - 19V: All batteries are connected in series. Do not exceed 19V. Do not use six 3.7V RCR123A.


  • Waterwhite glass lens w/ harden treatment and anti-reflective (AR) coating on both side (96% transparency) - Cool White LED

LED Circuit: C5000 ST

  • Current regulated synchronous buck driver w/ efficiency of up to 93% 
  • Wide voltage input range
  • Non-dimming constant current regulation for all output levels without flicking
  • Low battery voltage warning
  • Energy saving feature (user adjustable to prolong runtime)
  • Very low standby current (uA)

Other Features:

  • LED direct soldering on copper for maximum heatsink ability
  • User replaceable glass lens
  • Customizable energy saving feature
  • Battery reverse polarity protection
  • Tail stand
  • Extra tail-cap w/ switch for kit version

Max Output:

  • REE XH-P50 J4 LED: LED Lumen: 3300

What's Included:

  • Spare o-rings
  • User Manual
  • Mil-Spec Para-cord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip
  • 3xCR123A Battery Magazines
  • Flat tail-cap (tail-stand)

Two Models:

  • Base: Comes with smooth aluminum bezel, Comes with smooth aluminum bezel.
  • Kit: Includes everything in base mode, plus: (Extra) signal connection through the body tube for rear accessories add-on, (Extra) tailcap w/ switch and tail-standing ability, Flashlight head come with front-mount thread for bezel and filter attachment, Stainless steel bezel, Heavy duty nylon holsterw/ self-retention device and open-top design, ET47 diffuser filter, ET47 yellow filter, ET47 red filter, ET47 green filter, ET47 blue filter.

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