EagleTac P25LC2 Diffuser 2 x CR123/1 x 18650 CREE XM-L2 880 Lumen LED Flashlight


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We have combined both the spot and diffused output in one LED flashlight head. The P25LC2 Diffuser is a ground-breaking design in the flashlight industry, by combining the diffused light into the bezel of the light and removing the need for a traditional diffuser filter.

SPOT 880 Lumens. The main LED is the top binned CREE XM-L2 U2 Cool White. The P25LC2 Diffuser gives you the maximum brightness output in its class. 

DIFFUSED 520 Lumens. Nineteen thermal enhanced high power 3014 LEDs are installed on the bezel of the light to create a flooded output. We use imported optical grade shatterproof material to create both the diffused output in the surrounding and flood beam up front. 


  • SPOT Only 
    • Led lumen: 11505-930/500/98/4 
    • ANSI FL-1 lumen: 8805-710/410/80/3 
    • Runtime: 1.5/3.5/20/200+ hours (1x18650)6 0.8/2/10/130+ hours (2xCR123A) Four brightness levels 
  • (Flood only) 
    • Led lumen: 520/205/40/3 
    • Runtime: 3.5/10/40/200+ hours (1x18650)6 2/6/25/130+ hours (2xCR123A) 
  • (SPOT + Flood) 
    • Spot Led lumen: 660/270/55/3 
    • Diffuser Led lumen: 350/140/22/2 
    • Runtime: 1.6/4.5/23/200+ hours (1x18650)6 1/2.7/15/130+ hours (2xCR123A)


  • XM-L2 Only
    • Center lux: 8,100 lux 
    • Center spot angle: 11° 
    • Spill light angle: 64° 
    • Beam distance: 197 yards / 180 meters
  • SPOT Only
    • Spill light angle: 180°
  • XM-L2 + Spot
    • Center lux: 4,600 lux
    • Center spot angle: 11°
    • Spill light angle: 64°
    • Spill light angle (LED array): 180°Beam distance: 150 yards / 135 meters


  • 1x18650 or 2xCR123A (Batteries not included)
  • Compatible battery (diameter/length)
    • CR123A: (16-16.8mm/34-34.5mm)
    • 18650: (18-18.8mm/67-68.5mm)


  • 2.7V - 6V (Do not use two RCR123s in the light)


  • HAIII hard anodization aerospace aluminum Optical grade shatterproof diffuser material


  • Ten Year Warranty


  • Spare o-rings
  • User Manual 
  • Mil-Spec Para-cord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip 
  • CR123A Battery Magazines 
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Holster with flip 
  • User removable tailcap lanyard ring

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