EagleTac P20C2 MKII XP-G2 LED 2 x CR123 575 Lumen 408 O.T.F. Flashlight


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Featuring 575 LED lumenss and 408 O.T.F. lumens with a CREE XP-G2 LED, powered by 2 CR123 or RCR123 batteries

Stats for XP-G2 LED is 15% brighter than the R5 LED

  • CREE XP-G R5 Binned LED EagleTac P20C2 MKII features the top binned CREE XP-G R5 LED. At turbo mode, the EagleTac P20C2 MKII provides up to 398 output lumen at the LED and is considered to be one of the brightest compact two-cells CR123A LED flashlights available today.
  • L.O.P. ET21 Reflector The new ET21 reflector is optimized for the CREE XP-G LED. Available in low-orange-peel finish, the ET21 reflector offers superior far projecting performance and pleasing beam pattern. P20C2 MKII is able to throw up to 180 yard with its precisely machined reflective curve. Up close, the side spill brightness lights up the surrounding extremely well for optimal night vision.
  • Included tail-stand rubber It allows users to place the flashlight like a candle to light up the surrounding.
  • EagleTac C1200 III Driver now offers three brightness levels and three hidden strobe/beacon/SOS modes. C1200 III offers 95% circuit efficiency and extremely high output of 398 LED lumen (Cool White version). The EagleTac updated C1200 III engine allows user to enable or disable the tailcap switch strobe feature.
  • CREE Q4 Binned Neutral White LED EagleTac P20C2 MKII offers optional free upgrade to the CREE XP-E Neutral White Q4 5A LED for better color rendition and a more vision-friendly output beam.
  • ET21 RGB Filter System EagleTac P20C2 MKII RGB kit version comes with four compact filters to suit your needs. All filters thread directly onto the head of the flashlight and can be easily removed when it’s not needed. All P20C2 MKII versions include a diffuser filter that transforms the light beam into a flood beam with bright spill for close-up work. The EagleTac Syntax coated red/green/blue glass filters transform beam output color to suite your occasional needs. The blue and green filters feature EagleTac exclusive MIRROR glass finish for minimized glare and accurate output color.
  • Superior Knurling and Unqiue Design EagleTac P20C2 MKII features uniquely machined flashlight head design accomplished by complex machinary. The just-right amount of grip has been applied throughout the flashlight surface for superior handling and gripping.
  • Stainless steel pocket clip EagleTac P20C2 MKII provides the all-new stainless steel pocket clip in black coated color. The P20C2 MKII is designed to be securily held "head-down" in your holster or pocket for better protection and quicker light withdrawal.
  • Heavy duty nylon holster EagleTac P20C2 MKII includes the all-new heavy duty nylon holster for comfortable and good looking everyday flashlight carrying. This holster features a secured flip to hold your light better.
  • Optional emergency tactical strobe User can activate the tailcap strobe (disable from factory) by turning the light on and off fifteen times within ten seconds. At turbo or general output mode, press the button twice to enable the strobe mode.
  • 5 lumen low output setting EagleTac P20C2 MKII offers a record setting of 5 lumen output that endures for 100+ hours. The EagleTac P20C2 MKII low mode is fully regulated and maintains constant brightness across the entire runtime period. Tighten and loosen the flashlight within one second (or doing the opposite) to enable the low output mode.
  • Self-service possibility P20C2 MKII allows maximum flexibility by allowing users to gain access to the internal of the flashlight head. Users can replace or upgrade the lens or reflector themselves.
  • Syntax Window P20C2 MKII features shock-mounted Syntax lens for maximum light transmission and superior shock-proof ability. Syntax I windows allows up to 97% light transmission with its optical-grade anti-reflection (AR) coating. Harden treatment is also performed on the Syntax windows to enhance durability.
  • Type III Anodization Mil-Spec Harden Type III anodization treatment has been applied on the P20C2 MKII aircraft grade aluminum to enhance surface protection. EagleTac type III anodization coating is on average 200 to 300 times stronger than the regular Type II treatment. (MIL-STD-810F)
  • IPX-8 standard P20C2 MKII is rated at IPX-8 waterproof standard for all weather conditions. P20C2 MKII is fully dunk-able at two feet depth of water for more than ten hours.
  • Anodized thread P20C2 MKII uses anodized thread which will last longer than raw aluminum machined thread. It also keeps o-ring lubricate cleaner in long-term usage. P20C2 MKII utilizes an unique self-locking aluminum ring system loaded by a golden-spring to change brightness levels.


  • Max Output (Cool White):5 / 60 / 300 O.T.F. Lumen
  • Runtime:100+ / 13 / 1.7 Hours
  • Operations:Basic operations: Select brightness by turning the bezel. Tighten the head for Turbo mode. Loosen the head for General mode. Tighten and loosen the head (or doing the opposite) for Low mode. Advanced operations: Enable strobe / beacon / SOS modes by tighten and loosen the head (or doing the opposite) in low output mode. To activate tail-cap strobe feature, turn the flashlight on and off fifteen times in ten seconds. Once tail-cap strobe feature has been turned on, double pressing the tail-cap switch to enable strobe mode (strobe can only be activated when the light is in turbo or general mode).
  • LED:Cree XP-G R5 4W LED
  • Length:5.1 inches (13 cm)
  • DiameterHead Diameter: 1" (2.6 cm) / Body Diameter: 0.8" (2.1 cm)
  • Body Weight (exclude battery) :2.8 ounces (79 grams)
  • Battery:Two Lithium CR123A batteries (also compatible with two Li-ion rechargeables)
  • Supplied Accessories:Stainless Steel Bezel (PS-HB1), ET-21 Diffuser Filter (PP-DF1), Spare O-rings, Black Stainless Steel Pocket Clip (PS-C2), Heavy Duty Nylon Holster w/ Flip (PN-C2), User Manual, Para-cord Lanyard w/ enhanced quick detachable pocket clip (UP-L1)

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