EagleTac MX25L3C 2550 Lumen Flashlight 3 x 18650 Battery 6 Nichia 219 B11 LEDs


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MX25L3C Nichia 219 B11 BASE or KIT Model. “C” stands for compact version of the MX25L3. Featuring six Nichia 219 B11 LEDs that offers 2550 LED lumens

Features and Specifications:

LED Type: 6 x Nichia 219 B11 LED
Battery Type: 3 x 18650 or 6 x CR123A (NOT INCLUDED)
Do not exceed 19V. Do not use six
Reflector: Smooth aluminum reflector
Material: HAIII hard anodization aerospace aluminum
Waterproof: IPX-8 standard
LED direct soldering on copper for maximum heatsink ability
User replaceable glass lens
Customizable energy saving feature
Battery reverse polarity protection
Tail stand
Extra tail-cap w/ switch for kit version

Output and run time
Four brightness levels (Regular mode)
Led lumen: 2550-2060/1010/190/25
Runtime: 1.4/3.2/21/350 hours6
Two brightness levels (Tactical mode)
Led lumen: 2550-2060/230/Strobe I/Strobe II
Runtime: 1.4/19 hours6

Head Dia. 2.5 inches (62 mm)
Body Dia. 1.8 inches (45.6 mm)
Length: 5.6 inches (141 mm)
Weight 11.6 ounces (330 grams

Basic - Turn on the light by press and release the on/off button switch (<0.4s). To turn off the light, press and release the switch again.
For momentary on, press and hold the button switch for immediate output.
Twist the head to select between four output levels. You can pre-select the desired output level before turning on the flashlight.
Instant Turbo output - at any output level, press and hold the flashlight for 100% output. Release the button to return to previous level.
Instant Strobe output - at any output level (or off), double press and hold the on/off button switch for strobe output.
Release the button to return to previous level (or off).
To access auxiliary levels, starting at head tight position (1st level), loosen to 3rd or 4th level and then tighten the head within one second to enter auxiliary setting. Repeat to cycle through all settings. Turn off the light or loosen the head to quit.
(Programmable Features) Mode switching: To switch between tactical and regular mode, turn on the flashlight at 1st level, dial to 2nd level and then back to 1st level for ten times within five seconds.
(Programmable Features) Energy saving feature: Enabled by default, this feature reduces output current by 25% (or 10% when disabled) after 200 seconds at turbo mode. To toggle this feature, turn on the flashlight at 4th level, and dial to 3rd level and then back to 4th level for ten times within five seconds.

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