EagleTac DX3B Mini Pro XHP50.2 2480 Lumen Flashlight 1 * 18350 Li-ion Battery Included - CW

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EagleTac DX3B Mini Pro XHP50.2 2480 Lumen Flashlight 1 * 18350 Li-ion Battery Included - CW
Output and Runtime

CREE XHP50.2 K2 Cool White LED

Led lumen:

18350 li-ion Runtime:

(XHP50.2) 0.15-0.25/0.35/1.2/3.5/20 hours

Battery Type (Battery Included) 

1 x 18350 (unprotected and button-top)
IMR high-discharge li-ion type only
Compatible battery size (diameter/length)

With included 18650 extension tube, DX3B Mini Pro can use button-top 1x18650 protected li-ion battery that measures 65 to 69.5mm long.
Flashlight length with extension tube installed measures 4.6 inches (116mm). The 18650 battery and its protection board must withstand at least 10A current discharge.


Head Dia.
0.9 inches (22.5 mm)
Body Dia.
0.85 inches (22 mm)
3.4 inches (86 mm)
2.6 ounces (75 grams)

What's included

DX3B-M Pro flashlight
Crenulated stainless steel bezel
Harden stainless steel deep pocket
two-way clip with titanium alloy dark vacuum coated finish
Tailstand tailcap with magnet
Battery extension tube for single 18650 li-ion battery
(US only) UL/PSE certified USB 5V 1A wall charger (100V-240V)
(EU only) TUV/CE certified USB 5V 1A wall charger (100V-240V)
Rigid nylon holster w/ self-retention device
3.7V 1300mAh IMR18350 rechargeable unprotected li-ion battery

Spare o-rings
User Manual
Mil-Spec Para-cord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip
Micro USB USB charging cable (3.3feet/1meter) w/ AWG24 copper wire


Turn on the light at MAX output by pressing and holding the on/off switch button
Turn on the light at LOWEST (programmable) output by pressing and release the switch button quickly (within 0.5 second)
(UPDATED) To program the LOWEST startup output, switch to the desired output level and WITHIN ONE SECOND switch off and on the flashlight for three times.
In rare occasion user may experience the absence of lowest output level from a brand new purchase. If this is case, set the programmable startup level once will initialize the memory setting and will take care of this issue once and for all.
To turn off the light anytime, press and release the on/off button switch while it is on.
To switch between output levels, with the light turned on, press and hold the on/off switch for longer than 0.5 second to switch to next output. Press and hold the switch will cycle between all levels.
To access AUX blinking mode, with the light turned on, cycle through at least two sets of regular brightness level to enter


Remove the waterproof silicon cap and insert the charging power plug to charge.
Blue side LED indicates the battery is being charged. It reports charging percentage by blinking.

Other features

LED direct soldering on copper for maximum heatsink ability
User replaceable glass lens
Battery reverse polarity protection
Ultra low internal resistance phosphor bronze springs (silver coated)
Spring loaded positive and negative terminal
Tail stand
Ten years performance guaranteed warranty
EagleTac DX3B Mini Pro XHP50.2 2480 Lumen Flashlight 1 * 18350 Li-ion Battery Included
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