EagleTac D25LC2 Clicky Cool White 493 Lumen XP-G2 S2


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2xCR123A battery, 2xRCR123A or 1x18650 li-ion
Operating Voltage Range: 2.7V to 8.4V

LED Lumen: 493/340/44/8
Runtimes 1.8/3/33/150+ hours

Length: 4.5 inch (11.5 cm)
Body Diameter: 0.85 inch (2.2 cm)
Head Diameter: 0.9 inch (2.25 cm)
Body Weight (excluding batteries): 1.7 ounces (49 grams)

1) Press on the switch button until it clicks to turn on the flashlight. To switch off the light, press the switch again until it clicks.
2) Switching between group output: With the flashlight on, tight the head to access group 2 output. Loose the head to access group 1 output.
3) Switching between modes: With the flashlight on, slightly press the switch and release (within 1.5s) to switch to the next output.
Programmable Features
1) Moonlight output - dim or increase the entire output range of the group 1 output. Toggle this setting starting with head loosen, turn on the light, and then repeat tight and loose for three times.
2) mode memory* - remembers the last output in group 1. To toggle this setting, with head tighten, turn on the light, and repeat loose and tight for three times. (* D25A2 clicky and C clicky only)

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