EagleTac D25A Clicky Titanium 2017 1 X AA 230 Lumen XP-L HD V6 LED Flashlight


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The unique beauty of Titanium

Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal and superb corrosion resistance, making it ideal for the material choice for our limited edition pocket flashlights.

The D25 clicky Ti is machined from titanium rod and brass cube with CNC and hand polished to mirror-like finish.

New harden surface treatment

The new titanium alloy surface finish is three times harder than pure titanium, making it a lot better against wear and scratch.

D25A RC TI Max output:
CREE XP-L HD V6 LED: 230 LED lumen

What's special?

  • New body style
  • LED soldered directly on copper for direct heatsink
  • Solid brass heatsink
  • Titanium built and glossy polished finish
  • Features very smooth thread
  • A400RC III and A950RC III circuit w/ dimmable output with li-ion
  • Programmable last mode memory (D25C only) and moonlight settings
  • Pre-select output before turning on
  • White switch boot mixed with glow-in-the-dark powder
  • Harden surface treatment

EAGTAC D25A Clicky Ti

AA/14500 flashlight.

  • 1/11/121/230 LED lumen (XP-L HD V6)
  • 0.5/10/88/177 ANSI FL-1 lumen (XP-L HI V6)
  • Runtime: 1.3/2.5/20/150+ hours
  • 1,200 lux @ 1 meter | Beam distance: 76 yards (69 meters)
  • Twist head for group output, clicky switch for on/off and modes
  • Compatible with 14500 li-ion 

Operations: (Basic) Press on the switch button until it clicks to switch on. Press the switch again for off. Access output groups 1 & 2 by tighten or loosen the head. Slightly press the switch to switch between different outputs. (Advance) 1) Moonlight output - dim or increase the entire output range of the group 1 output. Toggle this setting starting with head loosens, turn on the light, and then repeat tight and loose for three times. 

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