EagleTac 14500 750 mAh 3.7V IC Button Top Protected Battery

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This battery has nearly the same size as a AA battery (It is slightly longer), but can only be used in equipment designed for Li-Ion batteries, due to the much higher voltage.


750mAh IC PROTECTED Rechargeable Cell (4.2V hot off charger)
Measures only 51.1mm in height (+/-0.1mm) and 14.4mm in width
IC protected for a) over-charge, b) over-discharge, c) short circuit, d) current overflow of 3A+
True protrude top design, fits all flashlights
High discharge rate 3A+
Nominal voltage: 3.7V, charge up to 4.2V, use CC/CV charger to charge
Reinforced steel plate bottom, highly efficient protective PCB design
Packaged in individual box and anti-static bag

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