Dead On Tools AN14 - Annihilator Wrecking Bar

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Dead On Tools AN14 - Annihilator Wrecking Bar

14 1/4" overall.
Black finish heavy forged steel construction with black rubber grip.
Overall weight-to-length ratio creates perfect balance.
Features: (1) Demolition Hammer for breaking down hard surfaces, as well as other general hammer uses.
Includes built-in bottle opener; (2) Board Straightener adjusts board into proper position before tacking; (3) Nail Puller/Tile Ripper; (4) Demolition Axe rips through dry wall, wood, shingles, and strips conduit; (5) Multi-Purpose Wrench/Nail Puller is useful for releasing concrete forms as well as general uses; and (6) Chisel smashes, cracks and chips away tile, brick, and other hard materials.
Hang carded.

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