CRKT Mini My Tighe Razor Edge Folding Knife - 1092

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CRKT Mini My Tighe Razor Edge Folding Knife - 1092

After we introduced Brian Tighe's popular production My Tighe several years ago, the questions began: "When can I get a slightly smaller personal carry version?" So we went to Brian with the request, and he designed the Mini My Tighe. It is not simply a scaled-down version of the bigger frame-lock model, but was carefully reproportioned by Brian, reflecting his passion for design detail.

Like the larger My Tighe, we offer two models in satin finish. Handle length is 3.73" and weight is reduced to 3.8 ounces, much more convenient for daily in-pocket carry.

The 3.0" blade also has asymmetrical spine facets, high-hollow grind and deep belly with recurve. Steel is 1.4116 stainless in a high satin finish. The blade features patented Veff Serrated edges.

The smaller frame-lock folder also has an open build with heavy-duty 420J2 stainless steel frames and a 6061 T6 aluminum back spacer. The injection-molded black glass filled nylon scales have a deep random dimpled texture. Torx® fasteners are used throughout.

Our patented OutBurst assisted opening mechanism instantly springs the blade fully open after you have opened the blade approximately 30°. All models have bronze and lubrous washers at the adjustable blade pivot for smooth, fast action.

Dual ramped thumb studs allow the My Tighe to be quickly opened with either hand.

The knife features a custom removable black stainless steel pocket/gear clip.

So if you love the My Tighe, the Mini My Tighe gives you all the style, all the features, and all the performance in a compact package. Why, it reminds us of another successful Mini. 


  • Open Overall Length - 6.5 in 
  • Closed Length - 3.73 in
  • Weight - 3.8 oz
  • Blade Length - 3 in
  • Blade Thickness - .12 in 
  • Blade Material - 1.4116
  • Blade HRC - 55-57
  • Finish - High Satin
  • Grind - Hollow
  • Style - Deep Belly Recurve 
  • Handle Material - Aluminum Glass Filled Nylon
  • Liner Material - 420J2
  • Frame Lock
  • Position Clip
  • Outburst Assisted Opening System

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