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The Cicada™ is another innovative tool in the I.D. Works™ line, designed by Dana Bainbridge and Joseph Sundby of Roundhouse Media in Portland, Oregon.

This small oval contains a high carbon steel pen knife blade that is Razor-Sharp and useful for many cutting tasks. It also has a small precision scissors. It's not designed for big jobs, but it comes in handy for cutting and trimming.

Just push the button forward and it's a bright little LED flashlight, really useful in dark entryways.

There's also a very productive bottle opener for your favorite sodas and microbrews.

You can carry the Cicada on a key ring and it will be there to light the way and be ready to go to work when you need it.

It also comes with an injection-molded carry caddy. The caddy's stainless steel clip has a special retaining lip that will keep it firmly attached to personal flotation devices.

You can also carry the Cicada in your pocket or purse, and use the clip as a money clip.

What's creating all the buzz? Maybe it's the Cicada busy working


  • Blade Length: 1.38" (35 mm)
  • Blade Thickness: 0.08" (1.9 mm)
  • Handle Length: 3.00" (76 mm)
  • Sheath Length: 3.25" (83 mm)
  • Sheath Width: 1.88" (48 mm)
  • Tool Weight: 2.0 oz. (57 g)
  • Batteries: Two CR927 3V Lithium

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