CRKT Bushido Pendant Ryan Johnson Designed with Beaded Chain

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CRKT Bushido Pendant Ryan Johnson Designed with Beaded Chain
These pendants win the battle against bad style. These two pendants are based off of warrior motifs. The Valhalla has scales that are modeled after those found on Viking ships and weapons. The Bushido is inspired by the history and values of Samurai warriors. Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical in Chattanooga, Tennessee, designed both of these necklaces. When not creating some of the most talked about knives and tactical tools, Ryan is busy creating jewelry that turns heads as well. These two pendants are perfect examples of how he blends art with handcrafted metal. The Valhalla has a dragon motif that was a powerful Viking symbol of war and power and was used to strike fear into the hearts of enemies. The Bushido was inspired by Samurai warriors and their seven virtues: integrity, respect, heroic courage, honor, compassion, honesty and loyalty. Both make a statement without saying a word. You've always been a warrior on the inside. Now you can show it on the outside with the Valhalla and Bushido pendants.
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