CRKT 5446 Amicus Voxnaes Design Combo Edge Folding Knife

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CRKT 5446 Amicus Voxnaes Design Combo Edge Folding Knife

Great Grandpa Bjorn would’ve loved it. Then again, he loved pillaging too. Introducing the Amicus® folding outdoor knife. It was designed in the great Viking tradition. So you know it can stand up to your outdoor pursuits, wherever your boat or feet take you. 

Jesper Voxnaes from Loegstrup, Denmark, designed the Amicus® to excel in the outdoors. So he tested it in some of the toughest conditions he could find—the fjords and forests in his own back yard. Now it’s ready for whatever harsh, brutal conditions nature dishes out for you.

The word "amicus" means friend or comrade. And with a strong full-flat grind, this 3.4” drop point blade is there when you need it. This beefy folder acts like a horde, cutting through everything—be it big jobs, fine tasks, and anything in between. 

An ergonomically designed handle provides a firm secure grip, in any position. The sturdy frame lock gives you confidence if open while rowing up to a pending village. This, combined with protruding back spacers and deep grooves, makes it easy to get a strong hold on the knife even when you’re wearing gloves. Which on raging waters or in the rainy outdoors is often. 

If you want to bring out your inner Viking while in the great outdoors, grab a firm hold of the Amicus®.


  • Blade Length 3.407" (86.54 mm)
  • Blade Edge Combination
  • Blade Steel 8Cr13Mov, 58-60 HRC
  • Blade Finish Satin
  • Blade Thickness 0.154" (3.91 mm)
  • Closed Length 4.718" (119.84 mm)
  • Weight 6.7 oz
  • Handle Stainless Steel Stonewash
  • Style Folding Knife w/Frame Lock
  • Overall Length 8.125" (206.38 mm)
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