Boker Plus Tomahook 09BO110

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Boker Plus Tomahook 09BO110

Colin Despins, a designer of tactical resources here in the U.S., brings us to this completely new design of a tactical tomahawk. The "Tomahook" design is inspired by the Celts, Vikings and Native Americans, offering a high degree of functionality and versatility. Highly effective as a hatchet, with its wide, sharp edge, it can also be used as a lever, as the top of the ax head is sharpened like a chisel. The Tomahook is also well suited not only as a shovel, but even as a skinning knife with its razor sharp edge. In addition, the handle can be engaged securely behind the cutting edge, making finer cutting tasks possible, and the recess doubles as a hook, for various applications. The back of the ax head has a rounded point of impact, which is ideal as a glassbreaker or pounding tool. The recessed G-10 scales not only provide a comfortable and secure grip, almost every point of the tang is usable as a tool. There is even a grip on the ax head to allow safe use as an impact tool. Crafted of SK5 carbon steel with corrosion-resistant coating, this is trully a high class tactical tool with maximum versatility.The SK5 carbon steel, even though it's not corrosian resistant, is the ideal material for this tactical tomahawk, but due to the nature of this steel, it may show some light corrosion on the uncoated edge occasionally, which can be removed by a short resharpening. Includes a specially designed Kydex sheath. Thickness (without scales): 4.5 mm. Overall length: 18 1/8". Cutting edge length: 5 5/8". Weight: 1.8 lbs.

Overall length: 18 1/8"
Blade length: 5 5/8"
Blade material: SK5
Handle material: G-10

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