AW R18650 3400mah Flat Top Battery

AWSKU: AWB-1865034

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This listing is for only ONE battery.

This is AW's rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery with electronic PCB protection circuit and 3400 mAh. Please note that there are bumps on the NEGATIVE terminal of these cells. This is in place to facilitate them being used in series. Be sure of your polarity when installing in the flashlight as many of the flashlights that can use these batteries will NOT have reverse polarity protection.



  • Capacity: 3400mAH (Rated at 0.2C discharge 4.2V - 2.5V @ 25).
  • Voltage: Up to 4.2V when fully charged.
  • Operating Temperature: Charge 0 to 45 / Discharge -20 to 60
  • Recommended Charge Rate: 1.6A (0.5C) - Ambient Temp. 25
  • Max. Discharge Rate: 6.8A (ambient temp. 25)
  • Dimensions:18.50 X 68.16mm (+/- 0.3mm)

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