Armytek Predator CREE XP-G S2 w/ 1C Tint Tactical Flashlight - SMO / Black


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The Predator features the XP-G S2 LED, so lumens will be approx. 7% brighter than what is listed below.

Light being sold is in ALL BLACK


General Features

  • Power source:
    • Primary batteries: CR123 - 2 pcs
    • Rechargeable batteries: RCR123 Li-Ion - 2 pcs, 18650 Li-Ion - 1 pc, 18650 LiFePO4 -1 pc
  • Sizes: length 6.1"/155 mm, head diameter 1.43"/36.5 mm, body diameter 1"/25.4mm
  • Weight: 4.76oz/135g.
  • The set includes:
    • Army Tek Predator G109.01 flashlight – 1 pc
    • Grease Nyogel 760G (5 ml) – 1 pc
    • Holster – 1 pc
    • Lanyard – 1 pc
    • Silicone O-rings – 2 pcs
    • Rubber button – 1 pc

Optical Features

  • The reflector of the ArmyTek Predator G109.01 flashlight has been modeled and calculated in computer software for the design of optical systems that enabled to produce a flawless light beam for a distance more than 820 feet (250 meters).
  • Ultra-transparent and tempered glass was used with anti-reflective and lens coating, normally used in photo equipment only.
  • The transparency of the glass is 98-99%.
  • The angle of the light spot is 5 or 10 degrees (depending on the modification).
  • The angle of the light spill is 24 degrees.
  • At the distance of 300 feet (92 meters), the diameter of the light spot is 26 feet (8 meters).


Electrical Features

  • The flashlight has been designed on the basis of the new-generation electronic driver S-Tekâ„¢. The S-Tekâ„¢ driver saw the first industry use of technical solutions, which enabled the realization of unsurpassed features:
  • The current stabilization types are entirely changeable through the user menu: full stabilization (FULL), simple semistabilization
  • (SEMI), stepped stabilization (STEP).
  • Firefly mode 0.1 lumens, working for 100 days with ONE 18650 Li-Ion battery.
  • Complete compatibility with one 18650 battery: actually high efficiency, long duration and flat runtimes (graph of brightness which depends on work time) with full stabilization of the current at all modes. Important notice: an implementation of buckboost technology allowed refusing of standard method to reach constant brightness by addition of second 18650 battery that made the flashlight 2 times more compact and lightweight.
  • Advanced electronic protection from incorrect battery installation, without reducing the efficiency of the driver
  • Constant and smooth light output. Important notice: no irritating flicker effects.
  • Ecological algorithm of the stabilization control S-Tek Greenâ„¢, which decreases the system power consumption, making the flashlight very effective, completely utilizing the battery power.
  • The S-Tekâ„¢ driver, due to a built-in sensor, constantly monitors the temperature of LED and the electronic circuit and will
  • prevent the LED overheating in extreme environments.
  • The driver has a built-in indication of low voltage and high temperature.
  • The voltage supply selection allows using the cheaper batteries without protection board (PCB), for example: LiFePO4 or Li-Ion.


Ergonomic Features

  • Removable two-sided clip, functional and easy to use
  • The ability to use batteries with a flat contact.
  • Indication of battery voltage at user's request (ex.: 3 blinks – pause – 6 blinks = 3.6 Volts)
  • The automemorization of the last used mode can be turned on or off.
  • The ability to save the user's individual settings in the Custom preset.
  • The ability to reset of all settings of the flashlight to those built-in by the manufacturer (Military or Outdoor presets) or to the user's saved preset (Custom).
  • Protection from switching on accidentally (special turn of the tailcap).
  • Strong and easily removable lanyard to avoid losing the flashlight.


Mechanical Features

  • The flashlight has a strong, difficult to break body, which is developed for a minimum weight with sufficient durability. The design of the body includes element design specifically to prevent the flashlight from rolling.
  • The flashlight is designed with the impact-resistant bezels from both sides in order to protect it from falling and allow utilization during combat situations. In the Gold and Black version the steel bezels are also covered by titanium compounds with a hardness of 2000-3000HV.
  • To ensure functionality in difficult conditions, the electronic driver of the flashlight is placed in a special aluminum capsule and has been completely covered with a durable compound. This actually protects it from both the environment and from mechanical damage.
  • Body cover: matte, anodized. Hardness: 350-400HV. Resistant to scratches and impacts.
  • Body material: aviation-grade aluminum T6061-T6.

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