Acebeam TK16 LUMINUS SST-20 1250 lumens

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Acebeam TK16 LUMINUS SST-20 1250 lumens

The new Acebeam TK16-AL Flashlight is one of the smallest everyday carry lights, but has the outputs and modes of a larger flashlight. The TK16-AL has the unique feature of having three different LED options that allow this light to meet the different demands! What makes this possible is the TIR (Total Internal Reflection) optic design that captures and projects more light than standard reflectors. This allows for broader beams and longer throws. With two modes and six different brightness settings, this flashlight can be used for tasks ranging from close to far range illumination. Its single button integrated tail switch controls all modes while it remains user-friendly and can be easily located without having to look at your light. The deep ergonomic knurling makes sure that you can have a secure grip whether your hand is gloved or bare.

LED option 3: LUMINUS SST-20 CRI≥95
Power Mode
Moonlight: 0.5 lumens; 6 days
Low: 13 lumens; 46cd; 12 meters; 12 hours
Med: 80 lumens; 236cd; 30 meters; 3 hours
High: 450 lumens; 1271cd; 71 meters; 1 hour
Turbo: 1250 lumens; 3570cd; 118 meters; 45 minutes 
Strobe: 370 lumens; 1 hour

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