Acebeam TK16 & Boker Kwaiken Mini Folding Knife Copper Going Gear Exclusives Bundle

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ACEBEAM TK16 is the new single button tail-switch EDC lamp. A stunning output of up to 1800-lumens produced by 3xCREE XPG 3 LEDs greatly meets the needs of outdoor lighting. Not only being compatible with rechargeable IMR16340 550mAh battery but also suitable for CR123A battery. Comfortable and firm grip with ergonomic knurling allowing the user to operate the tail switch naturally without even looking at it. The slim head design, solid raw copper body with a gold plated pocket clip makes TK16 easy to carry around in the pocket.


When TK16 is powered by 16340 550mAh battery:

LED option 1: CREE-XPG3
Power Mode
Ultra-Low: 0.5 lumen; 6.8 days
Low: 18 lumens; 110cd; 21 meters; 12 hours
Mid: 100 lumens; 440cd; 42 meters; 3 hours
High: 600 ~ 370 lumens; 2900cd; 108 meters; 11 minutes + 40 minutes
Turbo: 1800 ~ 370 lumens; 6250cd; 158 meters; 1 minute 30 seconds + 50 minutes 
Strobe: 600 lumens; 1 hours

ECO Mode
Ultra-Low: 0.5 lumen; 6.8 days
Low: 18 lumens; 1100cd; 21 meters; 12 hours
Mid: 100 lumens; 440cd; 42 meters; 3 hours
High: 600 ~ 320 lumens; 2900cd; 108 meters; 8 minutes + 50 minutes
Turbo: 1050 ~ 320 lumens; 3800cd; 123 meters; 3 minutes + 50 minutes 
Strobe: 600 lumens; 1 hours


Yet another Going Gear Exclusive, the Boker Plus Mini Kwaiken is available only from us dressed in handsome solid copper scales.  We chose raw copper over other materials because of copper's ability to form a finish unique to each user in a matter of days, not to mention the solid, weighty feeling of the raw metal.

Without a doubt, it's utility as a tactical knife is not the only feature that makes the Kwaiken Flipper from Lucas Burnley so popular.  Its plain elegance is certainly also a key element for many, and in this case, we've taken the original and dressed it up even more with raw copper scales.  In an attempt to more easily bridge the gap between GI and gentlemen's knife, the new Kwaiken Mini Flipper has the same outstanding characteristics as its big brother, at significantly reduced (and therefore pocket-compatible) dimensions.  The Kwaiken Mini Flipper also features cobalt alloyed VG-10 as the blade steel.  The raw copper handles will develop a warm patina with handling and time that will complement the clean stonewash blade finish and pocket clip.


  • Overall length: 7 1/4"
  • Blade length: 3"
  • Weight: 3.2 oz.
  • Blade thickness: 0.1"
  • Blade material: VG-10
  • Handle material: Raw Copper
  • Designer: Lucas Burnley


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