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From the Manufacturer:

The perfect Bodypack for those embracing the light = fast philosophy, with enough volume to carry a week's ultralight gear.

Tough and light materials and an internal divider decrease weight without compromising our precision back shaping or load support structure. Bulky sleeping bags pack loose in the bottom of the pack, saving stuff-sack weight. The main pack includes a waterproof dri-liner. The Balance Pockets are now sized to your torso length.

Key Features:
  • Sport Balance Pockets included
  • 2 back lengths with clip torso-adjust, 10 cm range
  • U Flow, Multi Flow, and Flexi Flow
  • Waterproof dri-liner for pack
  • U-lite frame with 1 vertical stay
  • Custom-fit hipbelt (M)
  • Stretch side pockets
  • Cord-loc compression
  • Ice axe and trekking pole attachment

Compatible Options:

  • X Flow chest straps
  • All models of Balance Pockets
  • Custom-fit hipbelts (S/L)
  • Lasso-loc straps
  • Ski straps
  • Snowboard straps
  • Balance Gear Racks
  • Tool quivers

Approx Volume: L: 55 + 14 L (3356 + 854 cu in)

Approx Weight (Bodypack): L: 1.85 kg (4.08 lbs)

Minimum Weight (Bodypack): (without dri-liners) L: 1.7 kg (3.75 lbs)

Minimum Weight (Backpack): (without Balance Pockets or liners) L: 1.3 kg (2.85 lbs)

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