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Made by a local friend of Going Gear, our paracord belts feature our top of the line 8 strand military parachute paracord hand woven into a double cobra weave. The weave is tight enough to create a sturdy belt, but no so tight that you lose comfort and flexibility.

Each belt is made from around 100' of paracord with no inner strands removed. The buckle is sturdy stainless steel and the belt loop is a tough single cobra weave. The non buckle end of the belt has a tapered design that allows for easier insertion in the belt loop.  The belt is adjustable in 1/4" increments, making for quick and easy resizing

The belt by itself, even when unwoven, makes a great tool. While not quite a rigging belt, it can still hold heavy objects and keep your pants held up with no problem. Unwoven, you have a hundred feet of top notch paracord. Remove the inner strands and you have several hundred feet of cordage at your disposal.

For sizing, the listed size is the actual length of the belt, not the standard belt size. Add 7 to your regular belt size to get the lowest size that you need. For instance, if you normally wear a 36 belt, you would need at least a 43" belt, so the 45" belt would be your best bet.

  • 45" belt:  Up to a 36" waist
  • 50" belt:  Up to a 41" waist
  • 55" belt:  Up to a 46" waist
Interested in custom colors or sizing?  Let us know and we can have and size and color combination of our paracord made, with a two week lead time and $10 custom charge. 

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