8 Strand 550 Paracord - Pink - 100' Hank

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7 strand paracord is for sissies! We got our hands on the best quality paracord out there, 8 strand 550 paracord. This cord is straight from a US military parachute supplier, where they use the absolute best nylon they can find to make cord on which soldier's lives literally depend. You may not need to jump out of a plane into enemy territory in the pitch black of the night, but this stuff will still work great for repairing gear, pitching tarps, or any other task where you might need high quality cordage.

The paracord is an outer sleeve of nylon with 8 inner nylon strands. You can easily pull the inner strands out and use them separately for small tasks, or keep it all together to make sure you have some very tough cord. The cord, of course, meets military specs and is technically 550 cord (rated to break at 550 lbs of stress), but the manufacturer says that their tests show that this paracord breaks at closer to 650-700 lbs.

Please keep in mind that even though this is the best paracord you will find, it is still not meant to support human weight. The weight ratings are for static weight, not you rappelling down the Swiss Alps.

Just kidding about the 7 strand stuff being for sissies, by the way, especially since we sell it as well. This stuff is just cooler.

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