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The Quark RGB features a CREE MCE-RGB emitter. The MCE-RGB is a quad-die emitter that features a different color for each corner of the die: white, red, green, and blue!

The Quark RGB UI is unique. When the head is tightened, it is always white (or neutral white depending on your model). When the head is loosened, it is one of the RGB colors. Cycling between loose and tight will toggle through the three colors.

The way to change modes is similar to the regular Quarks. Just tap the tail button to change modes (or just turn it on and off within 3-4 seconds). It will toggle between eight modes: moonlight -> low -> medium -> high -> max -> S.O.S -> strobe -> beacon.

Additionally, it will remember the last mode used even after you turn off the flashlight. It will also remember which mode you used in both the tightened and loosened state as well as which color was used in the loosened mode.

General Specifications
Length: 4.8 in
Diameter: 0.86 in
Weight: 1.8 oz (without batteries)
Battery Type: 2 CR123A

(All lumen outputs OTF)
  • Moonlight: 0.4 lm, 650 hours, 1 ma
  • Low: 2.8 lm, 130 hours, 10 ma
  • Med: 15.0 lm, 25 hours, 50 ma
  • High: 58.4 lm, 7.5 hours, 250 ma
  • Turbo: 150 lm, 2 hours, 700 ma
  • SOS: 22.5 hours
  • Strobe: 4 hours
  • Beacon: 20 hours

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