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Overview / Main Features


Power: One CR123A Battery (0.9V~4.2V)

Output: Maximum - 206 lumens; Moonlight - 0.2 lumens

The Quark Tactical subseries operates with a significantly different UI than the regular Quarks. This UI allows the user to program both primary and secondary outputs.


Overview / Main Features


Power: One CR123A Battery (0.9V~4.2V)

Output: Maximum - 206 lumens; Moonlight - 0.2 lumens

Runtime: Maximum - 0.8 hours; Moonlight - 15 days

Strobe: Strobe, S.O.S., and Beacon flash modes



    • Powered by: 1 CR123A battery (included)
    • LED Emitter: Premium Cree XP-G R5
    • Voltage range: 0.9V ~ 4.2V
    • Dimensions
Length: 3.2 inches
Diameter: 0.86 inches
Weight: 1.4 ounces
  • 5 Current Regulated Output Levels
  • 3 Flash modes: Strobe, SOS, Beacon
  • Momentary Activation
  • Level Memorization
  • Square threads for lifetime smooth operation
  • Type III Hard Anodized finish
  • Fully knurled
  • Convenient Clip (Note: The Quark 123 is the only Quark light on which the clip cannot be removed because of its small size.)
  • Flexible & secure finger grip accessory
  • IPX-8 Waterproofing
  • Impact-resistant glass lens with Dual-coating - sapphire coating on the outside and anti-reflective coating on the inside for optimal efficiency and durability.
  • T-6061 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Body

Typical Output Levels and Runtimes + (LED drive current)

Moonlight: 0.2 lumens for 15 days, (1ma)
Low: 4 lumens for 2.5 days (10ma)
Medium: 22 lumens for 13 hours (50ma)
High: 85 lumens for 2.7 hours (250ma)
Max: 206 lumens for 0.8 hours (700ma)
Strobe: 206 lumens for 1.6 hours
Beacon: 0-206 lumens pulse for 12 hours



Operating your Quark Tactical is simple. Insert the battery with the positive side (+) towards the head. Make sure the head and tailcap are tightened, then depress the tailcap button fully so that it "clicks" and the light turns on. You can also press the tailcap lightly (you don't have to "click" it on) to activate the light momentarily. This is known as the momentary-on feature.

The Quark Tactical can memorize any two modes of output, from its eight total modes, to be instantly available. These two memorized modes are accessed by either tightening or loosening the head (for example, tight can be Max, and loose can be Low).

Programming Modes:
To have your Quark Tactical memorize a different mode, turn it on and loosen the head by a half-turn. Then, tighten the head at least four times rapidly (twisting it tight, then loose, then tight, etc., four times). After the fourth time, leave the head tight or loose depending which position you want to program.

After three seconds, the light will flash, signaling it is ready to be programmed. Cycle through the eight available modes by clicking the tailcap off and on. The mode sequence is as follows:

Moonlight » Low » Medium » High » Max » SOS » Strobe » Beacon


Once you find your desired mode, leave that mode on for ten seconds and the light will flash again, confirming that the mode has been memorized. To cancel programming before it flashes, turn the light off for three seconds.

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