Going Gear Free Flashlight and Other Gear Monthly Giveaways

Want to win free stuff? How about free stuff every month? Even better, how about multiple chances every month?

We have been giving away free stuff since we started, but now we give even more and better items on a pretty regular basis. We try to make it as easy as possible to enter, with multiple ways of entering for those of you that don't like Facebook, Instagram, or any other particular method.

In celebration of our 9th Anniversary, we are giving away NINE of our favorite items!

Here are the items:

  • 3 x Going Gear exclusive Olight S Mini Brass
  • 1 x Going Gear exclusive Benchmade 940-1701
  • 1 x Going Gear exclusive Boker Kwaiken Mini Copper
  • 1 x ENO Double Nest Hammock and Atlas Straps
  • 1 x Olight H2R Headlamp
  • 1 x $100 Going Gear Gift Certificate
  • 1 x Numyth Fire Pack (Tohil Lighter and Vulcan Fire Piston)
Here are the ways to enter:
  • Facebook - Enter the Facebook/Woobox giveaway. Details are here. The winner will be contacted via email.
  • Newsletter - Subscribe to our newsletter at the top of any page on our site. The winner will be contacted via email.
  • Reviews - Write a well-written review on our site of any product you own. The winner will be contacted via email.

Small print that is the same size as the rest of the print:

No purchase necessary. Do any or all of these by 11:59 PM EST 9/30/2017 for a chance to win. We will randomly choose the winners the following week after pooling all entries together. Each person can enter via each method, but can only win one item. We will contact the winners via email. Winners that do not contact us within 72 hours of our initial contact forfeit their right to a prize and we will then contact another random person from that platform.

Past Giveaways: