CRKT Redemption Onion Designed Fixed Blade - K100KKP

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CRKT Redemption Onion Designed Fixed Blade - K100KKP

In survival situations, having a large fixed blade survival knife makes great sense, especially one specifically designed for a variety of cutting responsibilities.  The Ken Onion designed Redemption™ wields a hefty, "Onion style" drop-point blade shape with a generous recurve edge to maximize cutting efficiencies across its full length. Additionally, the robust three-quarter tang blade, and its flat grind, excels in chopping and slashing tasks.  The G10 handle is purposefully contoured with swells, curves and grooves to fill your grip, for a solid, secure hold no matter what the task or environment. In spite of its size, the Redemption™ offers a well balanced, controllable feel, which is important when you may end up in any extreme environment. Originally envisioned as a jungle knife, the Redemption™ can be your one "go to" knife that is a versatile, useful tool, for situations you may find yourself in when traveling backcountry and exotic ecosystems.  The sheath is constructed of high-strength nylon with a reversible formed thermal plastic insert to make carry safe and comfortable. The leg strap is ideal for secure fit.  If your world has the potential for big problems, redeem yourself with a survival knife that's built to take it on.


Open Overall Length 15 inches
Weight 20.8 ounces


Length 9.5 inches
Thickness 0.26 inches
Material 01 Tool Steel
Blade-HRC 56-58
Finish Black Powder Coat
Grind Flat
Style Modified Drop Point
Edge Plain


Material Black G10


Carry System High-Strength Nylon Sheath with Formed Thermal Plastic Insert
Weight 10.7 ounces
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