The Zebralight H31 is a headlamp that can also double as a hand held flashlight. The dual functions make the H31 one of the most useful torches available today.

A lot of activities warrant the use of a headlamp, and not just any old light will do. The H31F & H31Fw headlamps are the perfect piece of gear for those situations when you need to be hands free while still lighting up your area. Both of the H31’s provide a nice floody beam which insure full illumination of your surroundings, but there is a difference between the two. The H31F denotes a regular flood beam with a cool white tint; the H31Fw denotes a flood beam with a neutral white tint. There are some instances where high fidelity color rendition is needed, in which case the H31Fw is the right tool for the job. Both torches are powered by a single CR123 battery insuring maximum run time and efficiency.

Since the H31 isn’t relegated to full time headlamp duty, there is almost no limit to the possible uses for this little light.