I know it is a huge shocker that a pyro would have this happen, but I got a new fire making toy in the mail recently. It is called the Wind King Rope Lighter, and judging from the packing, it is quite old. I was not able to find any mention of a current manufacturer online.

I made a video of the operation of the lighter, since it is kind of hard to imagine how something like this would work, or at least work well. I completely understand if you are in awe of my incredible cinematography and narration skills:

These lighters were apparently used in the trenches and foxholes of World War II, I am guessing because they had a smoldering ember instead of a highly visible flame.

The lighter is very basic. A length of rope with a metal disc attached passes through a cylinder next to a flint striker. Pull out a short length of rope, strike the flint, and you have a nice little ember to start a fire. Pull the rope back into the cylinder until the metal disc catches, and the oxygen deprived ember is quickly snuffed.

I would imagine that the rope will last long enough to start hundreds or even thousands of fires, since the rope in the video had been lit 20 or 30 times and was barely charred. I did not light fires with it each time, but it would not need to be lit very long if you have quality tinder. If you do not usually have quality tinder, the firestarter test results should be up soon to help show the way.