What’s this we have here?

I get e-mails on a regular basis asking when my store will have the Sparky knife back in stock. The original maker did a great job on the first batch, but got caught up with work at his day job, so I had to go off in search of a new maker. I started out with Bryan Breeden, a knifemaker with a great reputation on BladeForums, and he was as far as I had to go.

sparky_v2He made me a prototype that was a wonderful interpretation of the design. The blade and handle are similar to the original, but the firesteel has a threaded cap instead of the original cap with a set screw, which will make it more secure. We want to try and make another change or two to the design, but I should have them in stock on a more regular basis starting next month. I will also start offering other handle materials along with small and large versions of the design.

The original Sparky prototype is still the only fixed blade I ever use, which is saying something when I used to buy a new knife every week or two in seasrch of the perfect design. Bryan’s version of the Sparky is looking to be a worthy successor.