Going Prepared, the Official Going Gear Blog, has been around for quite some time. It is older, in fact, than Going Gear itself. Through the years it has received numerous posts with a plethora of information on all things outdoors. All of that stuff isn’t going anywhere. While we are updating the looks of our blog, not much else is changing. All of the old articles are still here and searchable using the search box (check the top right). While they may not look as pretty as our new posts, they still feature a wealth of knowledge.

As for our new posts, we’re focused on providing you the same great content, just with a little more regularity. We’ll cover everything from knives and flashlights to water filters, and from Every Day Carry (EDC) to serious specialty gear. Along the way, we’ll share our knowledge as well as knowledge from others as we can. A lot of us here at Going Gear have a pretty good knowledge base when it comes to the outdoors and our products, and we’re eager to share that knowledge with you.

So, welcome back to Going Prepared! The comments are open and we’re eager to hear from you with (respectful) thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on what you’d like to hear.

Also, if you guys haven’t checked out Bear Cam, it’s awesome. It’s up all day long here at the shop. It doesn’t get us outside during the week, but it sure makes us feel like we are.