It has been well over a week since I last ordered a flashlight, so I starting shaking and going into withdrawal. Luckily, Kaidomain was there to the rescue with the new Ultrafire EMR1. I have seen what the new Rebel 100 LED can do, and was impressed. This light is rated at 200 Lumens (probably from the LED, not out the front). Ultrafire likes to exaggerate, so I am expecting something quite a bit lower than that. Either way, it should be ridiculously bright. KD usually does a decent job of QA before sending any lights, which is why I went with them over DX.

I almost pulled the trigger on one of the Fenix Rebel models, but Fenix has never really done it for me. Ultrafire is not exactly known for producing high quality circuits or machining, but early reviews of this light seem to say that it is fairly nice, and it is about 2/3 the price of a Fenix. KD is supposedly shipping all of these via an Express courier, so I should be able to let you all know if it is a smart purchase soon.