The ThruNite Scorpion v2 is a super high output flashlight which uses the new CREE XM-L LED. While the v2 version of the light is sold out now, we do still sell the regular Scorpion which also uses the XM-L emitter.

The Scorpion is an every day carry light that has the guts of a full blown search light. Using two CR123 batteries and the XM-L emitter the Scorpion x2 can put out a max of 750 lumens. While that is impressive in itself, the Scorpion v2 isn’t a one trick pony. The unique interface which the Scorpion uses is another reason these lights are so popular. Using a tail clicky and rotary switch the Scorpion v2 can ramp from the max output of 750 lumens all the way down to .1 lumens.

The Scorpion is a very popular light, so be on the look out for them on the site. Snag one when the chance presents itself!