The cutting edge

I’m in the market for shears that can cut clothes, bandages, and what not (not pennies!). Knives are out of the question. It is even illegal to carry a switchblade over so many inches. So, shears is it is.

Most people would buy the $2 – $10 shears that you find online. But I was looking if there was anything better. Why not? I stumbled across the Solingen’s Robin “Safety Boy” rescue cutter and the Adroit Innovation’s Trauma Shears. Apparently, the regular shears that we are used to are made with aluminum or some alloy. According to some, the cheap steel remains sharp to cut through three pairs of jeans.

Robin Rescue Boy

The Safety Boy Rescue Cutter retails for $70 online. It is manufactured Germany’s premier medical supply company Solingen. They’re advertised to cut through clothes like butter. And you can use them to smash windows in needed. However, the Safety Boy is on the hefty side at one pound and bulky. So it fits great in a bag or somewhere on your vehicle. Fortunately, someone sells a holster specially designed for the Robin Rescue Boy. But it costs $40 and its way too extreme for a simple sheers.


The Trauma Shears retail for $45 with options to customize the shears. They are the offspring of two outdoorsy ER doctors. They basically replaced the large end of regular ems shears with a carabineer. They use a titanium coated alloy that keeps the shears sharp after many uses. Perhaps storl could enlighten us on Claus steel.

Upon first glance, I felt instant appreciation at Trauma sheers from the photos. The website has numerous testimonials including recent Haiti relief missions.

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Plays nice with gloves