I was doing my weekly perusal of Target today when I wandered in the camping section. Imagine my surprise when I saw that they are stocking the new Coleman products, which make liberal use of the CREE LEDs. They had a large 8D lantern that was 175 lumens for $30 and a little 3AA lantern that was 60 lumens for $20. I did not see any flashlights or headlamps, but Target usually does not carry Coleman lighting products outside of their lanterns. Hopefully that policy will change.

In other Coleman news, we met with the Coleman rep at work yesterday, and placed an order with him today. We will start stocking Coleman’s higher end lighting stuff, their eXponent line on our site. I know I probably love flashlights a little too much, but I am really excited about their products. They have a couple of lights that have a CREE center LED with green and red LEDs set into the reflector. You turn the light on and change modes by a clicky on the tailcap. You change LED colors by rotating the bezel. They are definitely not up there in terms of brightness, but I was impressed with the build quality and features. They also have a little gas lantern that you can fill up with a fuel canister, remove the canister, and have the lantern go for five hours! Once we get some, I’ll purchase a few for myself and post some in-depth reviews.

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