In case any of you do not check Target for clearance items religiously like I do, Target is clearancing all of their summer stuff right now. Not all stores are the same, but the ones around me have most of their items at 30-50% off. Now is a great time to stock up on garden tools and chemicals, mosquito repellants, grills and grill accessories, etc.

Some of the highlights that I saw:

-Thermos stainless steel grill – $125 ($250 originally)
-Aussie propane grill 50% off ($75?)
-Off and Cutter lamps – $7.50 ($15 originally)
-Fiskar and pretty much all other garden tools 50% off
-Cutter with Picaridin and other mosquito repellant sprays and wipes 50% off
-Fire pit with tile surround and wrought iron stand – $65 ($150 originally)

They had several flashlights clearanced at 50% off as well, but I will talk about those in another post.