I fired up the Tivo yesterday and watched the newest Survivorman, where Les goes to the Cook Islands. As always, it was entertaining. It’s good to see that men his age are still haven’t grown up, judging from how many times he said “booby” in an amused tone. Yes, I giggled each time. I always wondered why he never tries fishing (birding?) for birds. I have seen guys do it before, and it seems to work very well, especially on sea birds.

Les should start taking a good fishing kit in addition to his multitool, since he has the catch rate of a quadriplegic. Watching him try to catch anything is always amusing. I am not on a pro fishing tour or anything, but he never seems to catch any fish that are not rotting, dead, and half eaten, or the size of his harmonica. I bet he is going to start taking a spare harmonica in his gear, since he had to cannibalize his prize possession to make that spear. The spikes seemed awfully wide compared to the harpoons I have seen, so I would have liked to have seen him at least try to use it on a fish so we could have seen if it actually worked.

I think last season took too much of a toll on Les. It seems like he is just taking it easy this season, going either well equipped or to places that people would happily spend a vacation, let alone a survival situation. Like I have said before, I want to see him get stuck somewhere with NOTHING, like the half the people you read about in the news that have SAR come after them.