The last “episode” of Season 2 of Survivorman was a behind the scenes look at how Les and his crew makes each show. Wait, you ask, haven’t there only been a few shows? Yes, there were, so hopefully Les is hard at work on Season 3. It seems like they worked on these shows before Les and Bear hit it big, so they were not sure of how many the networks would want.

The episode was one of the more interesting ones that I have seen. The parts where he is working with the local experts were fascinating. I would love to see a show that is dedicated to watching these people live off the land with no tools and just their knowledge. Although, that might be pretty boring, since they all do everything so effortlessly. Still, seeing someone coast in an environment that would kill most people would be a good learning experience in showing people that an understanding of your surroundings can help you overcome almost any obstacle. I would especially like to wander around with his local expert from the Cook Island episode. That guy was passionate about teaching and obviously knew the ocean and island life very well. Plus, being on a tropical island practicing skills is much more appealing than an African desert. I am a big fan of food and water.

I was also impressed with how much work they put into each episode. I knew that Les never stopped moving and working, but seeing that he and his crew are editing a previous episode, working on a narration script, planning his next route, and researching locations all while in his hotel room or on a plane shows the dedication they have to their films. Very impressive, no matter what you think of the show.