The Surefire M3LT Combatlight is the company’s first high output LED light and it is an impressive start. The light has two outputs, 400 and 70 lumens, giving you the flexibility between lighting up objects hundreds of yards away or dropping the output for closer objects and better battery life. Keep in mind that Surefire’s lumen ratings are way understated, so 400 lumens from them is the same as double that from the other companies you have seen us mention.

The M3LT uses the same two stage type switch as the LX2, A2L, and similar lights. Press a little for the lower output and all the way for the higher output. The M3LT has probably the best looking beam I have seen on a high output light thanks to its TIR lens that collects and projects the light in a super smooth and even beam.

Watch the ultra exciting (OK, that depends on how exciting you find flashlights to be) video below: