Surefire has been going through their line of lights and increasing the outputs to make them rival the latest and greatest lights from other manufacturers. One they recently did was the Surefire E2DL, increasing the output to 200 lumens. The light also has a super low secondary output of 5 lumens. Those two outputs will cover most of your illumination needs, making the E2DL a great light to carry in your pocket or pack on a daily basis.

Switching between the two modes is simple. Turn the light on or press for momentary activation of the high output. Turn it off or let the switch go, then turn it back on for the low output. If you repeatedly turn it off and on, you can keep on switching between the two outputs.

As with all LED lights, you will not have to worry about replacing bulbs like with your average incandescent light. Batteries are also not as much of a worry, thanks to the super efficient circuits and LEDs in most modern lights. The bezel on the light has some aggressive scalloping, which will take a good size chunk out of someone’s face if you decide to use it as a weapon. The bezel also helps you to know if the light is on if you set it down on a flat surface, but that doesn’t sound nearly as hardcore as flesh removal.

Here it is in action: