The Surefire A2L Aviator is the flashlight of choice for many pilots. It has a super bright main white LED surrounded by four secondary LEDs in either white, red, blue, or green. Since maintaining night vision is important for pilots at night, many of them will use the red version when they need a bit of extra light in the cockpit without making their eyes adapt to the full output of a bright flashlight. When they need it, the main LED is there to provide full illumination.

Even if you are not a pilot, the A2L can be a good choice for a flashlight. The secondary LEDs provide a floody beam, which is perfect for seeing up close items in camp or on the trail. When you hear Smokey the Bear crashing through the brush, you can at least see him with the main LED before he comes after your dinner. Heck, maybe the light will even confuse him enough that he will wander off to find someone with a sissy flashlight that gives him less trouble.

Want to see the A2L in action? Of course you do: