The Sunwayman V10R is one of our most popular pocket lights for several reasons. First, it has a rotary ring up by the head that allows you to quickly change between the minimum and maximum outputs. Second, of the infinite output rotary ring lights on the market, it is by far the most compact. Third, it comes in the regular aluminum as well as a really well done titanium, which is one of the best looking lights I have ever seen.

Both versions are pretty much the same other than the body materials. Both have solid output with a CREE XP-G R5 LED and a decent sized orange peel reflector. They will not give you a ton of throw, but it will still light up everything in front of you out to about 100 yards. The titanium version even has an optional AA extender that allows you to use easier to find and less expensive batteries, with a tradeoff of much lower output.

The titanium version is not exactly inexpensive, but considering how pricey other titanium lights and gadgets can be, the cost is not too bad. Watch the video if you are undecided: