Sunwayman hasn’t been around for very long, but they have been turning heads in our flashlight nerd community with their relatively low priced models that feature rotary rings, top notch machining and anodizing, and sized more compact than their competitors. The M10R has been one of their most popular models, so it was no surprise when they upgraded it with the CREE XP-G R5 LED. The M10A is a similar light, but uses AA batteries instead of the CR123s of the M10R.

Both lights have the rotary rings now common to Sunwayman lights, giving you quick access to three outputs and strobe. The movement on the ring is smooth and quick, with a really good detent feeling at each output. Both lights are nice and compact, with solid output and low outputs great for extended battery life, making them perfect for the outdoors or just simple pocket carry.

I often wonder if anyone even reads the text above the videos, but I like typing out nonsense, so I’ll keep doing it. Here is the video: