stickpicI was snooping around Gear Talk today and saw a write up about the Stick Pic, an intriguing solution to a common hiker problem. How often do you get to a summit and want to take a portrait with you and some pretty girl (or guy, whatever floats your boat) framed by a gorgeous backdrop? You set your camera on a rock, set the self timer, only to have it fall into the abyss off a cliff. Maybe you just reach out as far as you can, taking a poorly framed picture that contains not much more than your sweaty faces. You could hand the camera to a stranger, assuming there is even one there, and then watch him him bound down the mountainside like a billy goat with your precious digicam clutched in his sweaty mitts.

The Stick Pic is a little camera mount that attaches to a trekking pole so you can extend the trekking pole, have it a few feet out, and take a nice picture of you with plenty of mountain in view. It weighs 10 grams and comes in different sizes that fit what look like the majority of poles on the market. They have a list on their orders page showing which size fits which pole, so be sure to grab the correct size. According to them, they also make custom sized ones at no extra charge, which is pretty badass customer service.

I don’t think I could quite pull this off with my 400 lb DSLR, but that is why I am one of those dummies that carries a tripod on hikes. Don’t be like me, buy a Stick Pic and save your back.