Stay Clean While Camping

ststektowel_lrgOne of the biggest misconceptions of camping or being outdoors is that you will constantly be dirty. Of course, there is some inherent lack of hygiene, but a basic level of cleanliness can still be maintained. With a variety of products, one should not have to worry about coming home with 2 inches of dirt, and teeth that haven’t been brushed for days. Here are some must haves to keep the flies away, and your friends complaint free:

  • Ultralight Fingertip Tooth Brush – This is my favorite because it can fit anywhere, easy to maintain and clean, and simple to use.
  • Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap – This soap has over 18 different claimed uses. It can be used to wash your body, hair, dishes, clothes, act as a deodorant, as well as a mirage of others things. It is also biodegradable. This small, portable bottle offers nearly everything a dirty camper needs to get clean.
  • Fresh Bath Body Wipes – With just one wipe, you can clean your whole body. Great for camping or people on the move. It is like a bath in towelette form.
  • Sea to Summit Tek Towel – This is ideal if you will be spending any time near or in water. This small, portable towel soaks up tons, but dries very quickly. It can even double up as a small blanket or pillow.